About us

Welcome to Flip Studio, a customer experience agency

We’re an agency created for a connected world of change. We can help you design better human experiences that empower people and grow businesses

We’re practitioners of design thinking and a bunch of curious hands-on specialists united around a shared vision: To design better human experiences that empower people and grow your business. It is about understanding people’s needs and decoding the business potential of those needs. It is about designing experiences and services in an end-to-end ecosystem that fosters belonging, freedom and mastery. It is about uniting creativity and strategy in attractive solutions designed for a connected world of change.

We’ll make you three promises

1 __

We can help you turn people’s unmet, unconscious needs and dreams into new business potential

By applying human sciences such as design anthropology and behavioural psychology to understand people on a deep level. And by turning deep human insight into business potential.

2 __

We can help you design your brand, experience and business

By applying design thinking methods and processes across your brand, customer experience and business models. And by delivering strategic, creative and solutions as the outcome.

3 __

We can help you deliver design-led transformation

By applying design thinking as a catalyst for operational and cultural transformation. By aligning and empowering your leaders and employees to run a customer-centric business.

The story of Flip Studio

Flip Studio is a merge of experienced people from the design thinking and consultancy world combined with media and data technology experts. Basically, we combine human insights, design and technology to pioneer the future of how people and businesses interact successfully.


Flip Studio is an independent agency supported by GroupM, the number one global media investment management group. GroupM is part of WPP, the British multinational advertising and public relations company.

Our beliefs

Optimistic and enthusiastic

We will engage with you optimistically and enthusiastically and expect the same of you. It’s about energy, possibility and simply offering a new start.

Open and emphatic

We are open and emphatic to the world around us. This enables us to see things as they really are. Without assumption, prejudice or history.

Transparent and direct

Independence is the core of our business offering. No deals, no hidden agendas. We are direct and outspoken, even when the truth hurts. Value creation is the result.

People-centric and design thinking

We are a people business. Clients, customers, partners and vendors are all key stakeholders to us. We consider ourselves responsible for designing solutions that benefit everyone within this ecosystem.

Fast and hands-on

We get things done. We build things and sometimes break things. We move fast, because with speed comes perspective, involvement and transformation with valuable impact.

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