Becoming a client

We’re a people business for business people

Every conversation with you is about two things: People and business. We discuss people as customers, as employees – as human beings in general and why we behave as we do. And we discuss your business as a brand, an experience, a journey, a service and a model.


How do we start a project? We discuss your business challenges. We present a process proposal, including phases, activities and outputs. You say yes. We make a contract. We do a detailed project plan. We start the process.

Want to know more?

Why and when should you consider Flip Studio?

Looking for deeper insights?

Consider us if you want to discover the deep customer insights of your most pressing business challenges and how to turn insights into business potential.

Looking for new strategic and creative solutions?

Consider us if you have a challenge, but lack solutions. If you believe in the combination of strategy and creativity in a design thinking process.

Reach out

Here’s an interesting deep human insight from our own world: Many clients find it hard to reach out to us realising they have a challenge, but do not know exactly what they are looking for. Which is exactly why they should reach out to us.
So reach out. Call, mail, drop by. We have great coffee and good ears.

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