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Great experience design enables journeys and interactions that are personally meaningful, memorable and helpful

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Experience design is how people engage with your brand. As a discipline, experience design combines a variety of practices, including behavioural design, service design and UX design. We help you design journeys and interactions that are personally meaningful, memorable and helpful.

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Your brand’s customer journey is your most crucial framework for running a people-centric business: How you attract people and how you service them when they become customers. We can help all the way from mapping existing pain points into a future journey strategy to designing a customer journey implementation blueprint. Also, we can help you implement the marketing automation technologies needed to drive an omni-channel experience.


We see your brand’s interactions as ‘action scripts’ that define how people engage with the brand in a specific context with a specific goal. Surprisingly, many brands leave too much to chance: What happens the first two meters into your physical store? How do you greet people? What conversations do we want to start? Some interactions are run by staff, others by digital tools. Interactions can be designed at every point of contact along your customer journey. We help you design core interactions people love and tell others about.

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