Clients tend to come to us when they have a business challenge, but lack a solution

The setup __

Design-led transformation

We’re strategically and creatively driven by design thinking. Design thinking is a fast and tangible way of working to produce problem-solving solutions based on unmet and often unconscious human needs and wants. Clients tend to come to us when they have a business challenge, but lack a solution. We help them drive design-led transformation of their brands, experiences and businesses.

The process __

One process, one million outcomes

Our version of design thinking is based on divergent and convergent phases: A discover phase to identify deep human insights. A design phase to create prototypes that address the insights. A Develop phase to create detailed and tested solutions. A deliver phase to align and empower the organisation to drive the design-led transformation.

The ambition __

A better human experience

It is scientifically proven that all human beings are driven by only three principles: Mastery, freedom and belonging. We use these principles to guide our ambition for every client: To design better human experiences that empower people and grow businesses.

What’s in our toolbox __

We are often asked how we work in practice. Here is a sneak peek at our toolbox


We use workshops throughout the process. As project start-up workshops to circle in on core challenges and define hypothesis. As co-creation workshops during development process. As aligning and empowering workshop to ensure design-led transformation.

Field study and design research

People-centricity starts with going where your customers are – out in the real word. Field studies and design research is an integral part of our methodology and how we dig up deep insights and come up with new solutions.

Design sprint

A sprint is a development process boiled down to a few weeks – or even days: From defining the challenge at hand to building a prototype solution. It is energetic, productive – and saves everyone time and money. You snooze you lose.

Rapid prototyping

To see the future – design it! We use rapid prototyping to fail fast and succeed quickly. A business model, new digital service, a physical product, an updated brand or shop experience – can all be prototyped.

Iterative user testing

Running test iterations with users via prototypes to ensure usability and attractiveness: Both early stage mockups to inform the design process and final review and adjustment before market launch.

Customer journey innovation

Service design to restructure and develop your customer journey: All the way from mapping existing pain points over signature experiences to delivering a customer journey implementation blueprint.

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