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Brand, experience and business are three interwoven dimensions of a successful organisation. Here’s how we can help you: Brand design that expresses your story and identity. Experience design that empowers a seamless user journey and meaningful interactions. Business design that enables new services and business models.


Whether you prefer us to focus on one, two or all three dimensions in a project is up to you. We only insist on two things: People-centricity and design thinking.

Some of our work __

A closer look at some of our work – what keeps us up at night and why we forget everything else.

Copenhagen Marathon

Running a new business model broader than running
There’s more to running than running. A surprising deep human insight kick-started a new business venture that is bringing together many different companies and organisations in the city of Copenhagen in a new city experience community.

NGG International School

How to design a new international school?
NGG, one of Denmark’s largest private schools, is in the process of developing a new version of its international school for expats and internationally minded families. We help the organisation design the new brand and the experience for a school with ambitions beyond borders.

Dansk Retur System

Into the future of recycling in a connected world
Dansk Retur System, one of the most successful societal service design solutions in the world, is working together with Flip to envision the future of recycling – as part of the company’s 2030 strategy.




How do we cook up signature experiences along the user journey?
We are working with Ballingslöv International, the mother company of kitchens brands such as Kvik, Multiform and JKE. Our task is to work across brands to design an AI-based user journey that helps us create personal signature experiences along the way.


Driving a better user experience all the way
In the age of algorithmic omni-channel – how do we design compelling experiences that bridge the gaps between physical and digital interaction?

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