Ready to Sprint?

The Danish government has recently initiated the Strategy for Denmark’s Digital Growth for Danish businesses to better seize opportunities inherent in digital transformation. In relation to this, Flip Studio will be facilitating a design sprint this spring for three small or medium-sized Danish companies, and we hope your company will be one of them.

What is it?

The design sprint takes place over five consecutive days during week 18, where we will work together on developing, brainstorming, prototyping and testing digital solutions, directly related to your company’s challenges.
The project is initiated by Danish Design Centre and D2i – Design to Innovate and funded by the Danish government. It is therefore offered at a significantly reduced price, and in other words, a unique opportunity for you and your company to take a deep dive into the company’s potential for digitalisation, both front- and backstage.

What can you expect from Flip Studio and Sprint:Digital?

As a customer experience agency, we practice design thinking and help our clients develop customer journeys, signature experiences and services. We are experts on digital transformation with human experience at its core. You know your company best, and your participation in the design sprint is therefore crucial. Three to five of your employees will be joining the sprint-week fulltime from beginning to end.
In return of your engagement, you will get a motivated Flip Studio-team, immersed in your challenges and focused on facilitating the sprint throughout the process, to help you discover the best digital solutions fit for your company.

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