Our products: Special formats selected by our clients to be extra relevant right now


Our products are special formats chosen by our clients. They address the business environment right now: They are designed to help companies create value fast and to help build growth mindsets in practice.

Usability test set-up
Improve & optimise your platforms, products, services or customer experience

Flip Studio offers you a thoroughly proven test set-up where we analyse your costumers’ attitude towards your company services, products or digital experiences. We use your customer feedback to provide you with tangible advice and design solutions on how to increase sales, minimize dropout on purchase flows, optimize self-service and increase conversion to sales.

From strategy to product in just six weeks
Grow your business like a startup

Flip Studio offers a rapid business development framework that helps you build better business models and grow new revenue streams in just 6 weeks.

Ignition workshop

3-hour workshop session that frames new tangible business and service concepts

Flip Studio offers a rapid co-creation session that helps you ideate and design new business solutions. Together, we frame your primary business challenges, your customers’ interaction points and develop concept ideas that support new revenue streams and business optimisation.

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