Usability Test set-up

Improve & optimise your platforms, products, services or customer experience

Why conduct a UX test?

Use your costumers’ unfiltered feedback to build better services, increase brand awareness and sell more products

Proven test set-up

Flip Studio offers you a thoroughly proven test set-up where we analyse your costumers’ attitude towards your company services, products or digital experiences.

We use your customer feedback to provide you with tangible advice and design solutions on how to increase sales, minimize dropout on purchase flows, optimize self-service and increase conversion to sales.


We conducts test on
01  /  Applications
02  /  Websites
03  /  E-commerce platforms
04  /  Self-service flows
05  /  Digital tools and calculators
06  /  Advertising (on- and offline)
07  /   Packaging
08  /   Instructional guides
09  /   Concepts
10  /   Products
Flexibility and speed

Day to day tests that fit your team’s calendar.

On or off-site
We can conduct the tests at your location, in Flip Studio’s test facilities or virtually, depending on your needs.

Fast feedback

We provide you with a feedback report in just 1-2 days.

Global or local
We have extensive experience in testing within different markets and providing cross-country results and recommendations.

Tangible design

With our test and design set-up, Flip Studio offers specific design solutions that improve the user experience of the tested product or service. And we show you how our recommendations can be implemented on a design level.


No time to waste. Here is a detailed overview of the process day by day.

Day 1

Recruitment of test respondents


Based on client’s segmentation, we recommend to start the recruitment process 2-3 weeks before testing


Flip Studio recruits relevant respondents and coordinate on-site or remote testing dates, times and places


+ 1 – 2 days

Day 2

Brief & debrief meetings

One initial briefing meeting to kickstart and scope the project


One debriefing meeting prior to test to align expectations



Alignment of focus and objectives with the UX test


Guidance, consultancy and co-creation from Flip Studio to ensure optimal fit of the product to be tested


+ 1 day

Day 3

Scope & interview guide


Based on the client’s brief, Flip Studio defines test scope and methods most suitable to get key insights


Flip Studio designs and prepares tools, questionnaires and interview guide

Client is provided with live transmission links to the test sessions


+ 1 day

Day 4

UX Testing (on site or remote) 


On-site tests: Flip Studio sets up on-site test at one of GroupM’s facilities (located across the globe) to gather F2F feedback from test respondents

Remote tests: Flip Studio runs the tests through an online conference call set-up and interviews test respondents from their own homes



Live streaming of all test sessions (on-site or remote)

All test recordings are provided for the client to review


+ 2 days

Day 5

Analysis and reporting

Flip Studio analyse findings and results to uncover key insights and recommendations.
Key insights and recommendations are structured in a clear report format for the client to take immediate action.
+ 2 days

Day 6

Interface optimisation


Based on the recommendations in the analysis Flip Studio designs a range of new screens and features to improve and overcome the identified problems

Updated screens and features that optimises the user experience on the tested platform.

+ 2 – 3 days

UX Test leads

Ingeborg Himle Matland

Service Designer


+45 5280 5122

Laura Willersted

Sociologist & UX Designer


+45 2712 9063

Sebastian Risom

User Experience Designer


+45 3022 3019

Price examples

Test on 8 respondents

— Briefing meeting
— Scope & interview guide
— UX Testing (8 respondents)
— Analysis & report

65.000 DKK. ex. VAT*

User interface design based on test recommendations

— Depending on interface complexity and number of corrections, this will take us 2-3 days

— Fixed price can be estimated after analysis report is completed


9.600 DKK. ex. VAT pr. day

Recruitment of respondents

— Budget may vary depending on segment type


1.300 DKK ex. VAT pr. test respondent*

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