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Grow your business like a startup in just 6 weeks

Flip Studio offers a rapid business development framework that helps you build better business models and grow new revenue streams in just 6 weeks.
We use the mindset, models and best practice from some of the most successful startups to steer new product and service development.

6 weeks process output


Real life user insights that provide new perspectives on your customer relations


Strategy that sets the direction for future product and service development


Tangible product concepts with business value estimates


Prototypes tested on your customers


Business growth framework

Outer strategic loop

We start by framing the long-term strategy and build a coherent service roadmap that supports the strategic vision

Inner tactical loop

We market and user test actual prototypes and improve prototypes and roadmap based on test feedback

Growth process

Every week we take a huge leap forward

Week 1

Identify key challenges

Map out key business challenges

Conduct interviews with selected end users and key stakeholders

Identify business and customer insights and pain points


User and business insights: An understanding of existing and potential needs and challenges

Overview of the current customer experience to get a clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses in the current business landscape

Week 2

Framing & journey mapping

Flip Studio maps out the customer experience in a user journey map. The map is used as a tool for prioritising strategic initiatives and to articulate the strategic vision.

Strategic vision that sets the direction for future product and service development

User journey map that showcases the customers interaction with your product/company

Week 3

Service roadmap

The strategic vision is translated into a range of mockup concepts, with a rough assessment of initial business value. These mockups visualise services that solve the identified pain points articulated in the vision

Tangible concepts that visualise the customer experience and business potential

Week 4

Roadmap prototype

The concept with highest rated business value and potential is chosen for further development

In this phase, a 5-day design sprint is conducted, where the concept is designed into a functional prototype

Designed prototype

Week 5

User test & design iteration

The prototype is tested on selected end- users from the relevant target group. The prototype is evaluated and designed further based on feedback from the user test

Tested and validated prototype

Week 6

Roadmap iteration

The roadmap is revisited. And if needed corrections are made.

Final development of prototype is planned and agreements with development partners are made (app developer house, print companies etc.)


Re-prioritised roadmap and prototype production plan

Process cost

— 2 Business Designers
— 6 weeks
— Full time
— 100% dedication

Total cost
499.000 DKK. ex. vat

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