Ignition workshop

3 hours workshop session that frames new tangible business and service concepts

In short

Flip Studio offers a rapid co-creation session that helps you ideate and design new business solutions. Together, we frame your primary business challenges, your customers’ interaction points and develop concept ideas that support new revenue streams and business optimisation.

We combine the methods and models from business and service design to create new perspectives and identify potentials for growth.

3 hour workshop session output

1.   Key challenges identified
2.   Overview of current customer touchpoints
3.   Framing of desired business outcome
4.   Tangible business concepts
5.   Business concept roadmap



Output exampels

Online or offline workshop. Depending on your setup

Desired business outcome

Framework for pinpointing key product or service benefits

Touch point mapping

Mapping of your customers’ interaction with your brand and/or service

Concept roadmaps

Ideas prioritised in relation to feasibility and business impact

Tangible business concepts

Mockup of concepts that will improve your business

Ignition workshop agenda

6 x 30 minutes sprints

—  Identification of key challenges

—  Selection of relevant target group
—  Customer touchpoint mapping
—  Framing of desired business outcome
—  Co-creation of tangible business concepts
—  Development of business concept roadmap

Workshop cost

Flip Studio wants to help companies get back on their feet.

—    2 Business Designers

—    3 hours

—    100% creative ideation and strategy


Normal cost

30.000 DKK. ex. vat


Corona cost


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